Oils and Lotions are very crucial to maintain healthy skin while stretching or piercings! They will keep your skin from drying up and itching. Which as we all know after a fresh size up or new piercing this may be the only thing from driving yourself crazy from scratching. Kings Body Jewelry has several different Oil & Lotions to choose from. 

Funk-Off™ Piercing Deodorant is an all natural product that gets applied to piercings to control the development of bacteria that causes infection and specifically, foul odors. It comes in a 1/4oz. measurement container, small enough to keep in your pocket or purse.Apply daily and you will have no more “cheesy” or “rotten” smell from your piercings! The base compound ingredients of Funk-Off™ Piercing Deodorant: Castor seed oil, Hemp seed oil, Olive oil, Shea butter, Meadowfoam seed oil, Lemon Oil, Melaleuca Oil, Clove Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, all combined with natural lipids and waxes. https://www.kingsbodyjewelry.com/funk-off-ear-deodorant/

Jojoba oil is an all around great product.Its best uses are to soften skin, reduce scar tissue, thicken lobes, and to moisturize.By massaging jojoba oil daily on your lobes, it helps to thicken them up over time and to keep them healthy. It also helps to reduce the size of blowouts over time if massaged daily. Jojoba is great for organic jewelry.  You can use it to moisturize your wood or buffalo horn/bone plugs. It helps to keep them protected for long term use. https://www.kingsbodyjewelry.com/jojoba-oil-ear-stretching-plug-aftercare/

Surgilube is an excellent medical grade product for ear stretching.Whether you are using tapers to stretch to a larger size or if you need lube to help get a stubborn set of double flare plugs inserted, this will do the job. This comes totally sealed and sterilized so it is totally safe to use. https://www.kingsbodyjewelry.com/surgilube-ear-stretching-lubricant/