Pincher & Talon Kits

King’s Body Jewelry has two different Pincher Kits. The smaller kit goes from 14g-6g. The larger kit goes from 14g-00g. With both kits each size comes with 2 items or 1 pair for each. These items are great for many types of piercings and include 2 O-rings each to hold them in place.These are good for stretching if you don’t want to buy tapers to increase your piercing size. They taper(increase in size) as they get closer to the center.


King’s Talons Kit is  made out of 316L stainless steel and come with o-rings to hold them in place. Rather than forcing larger gauge jewelry into a piercing, you can insert a talon for an easy and almost pain free experience.This is all the jewelry you will need to stretch your piercing and you can buy it all in one purchase.This is a deal that is too good to pass, get it while it lasts. 


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