A Beginners Guide to Septum Jewelry

Septum Jewelry Guide

Facial piercings are becoming increasingly popular across the board. At King’s Body Jewelry, we are obviously thrilled about this. It gives us an opportunity to introduce newcomers to the world with which we’ve fallen in love with. Septum piercings, specifically, are gaining a lot of traction in today’s society. Part of the appeal of these piercings comes from the fact that they’re very customizable…in additional to being kickass. Many different styles of jewelry are compatible with a septum piercing. This gives you an opportunity to swap out your jewelry and keep your look fresh. We want to give you a general understanding of all the styles available, so you can decide which septum ring is best for you. In this blog, we’ll give you a rundown of the most popular septum ring styles including septum retainers, captive bead ringscircular barbells, and clickers. Our hope is that this informative guide will give you a better understanding of what exactly you’re looking for, and answer any questions you may have.


How to Hide Septum Piercings 


While the Kings team supports showing off your badass body jewelry, we understand that certain situations may require concealing your septum piercing. One of the appeals of septum piercings is how easily they can be hidden. Despite the fact that facial piercings are becoming more widely accepted and appreciated, there are still settings in which people may want their piercing to go undetected. With certain styles of septum rings, this is incredibly easy. Septum Retainers can be flipped up and quickly hidden should your boss or in-laws disapprove. A retainer is a thin metal or glass rod with a curved shape to fit perfectly into your nose. Because it is not secured with a ball, you can easily flip it up into your nostrils, keeping the piercing open yet hidden.


Septum Retainers 

Septum retainers are quite simple compared to other styles of septum jewelry, however they are just as customizable. They can be shaped like horseshoes/bullrings, or more rectangular, similar to the shape of a staple. Circular barbells are similar to retainers because they are not fully closed circles. They are horseshoe shaped and secured with two beads that screw into the ends. While many people can wear a circular barbell flipped upward, because of the securing beads, the nostrils aren’t kept as open as they would be with a septum retainer. We love circular barbells for their traditional aesthetic, and they are perfect for anyone who prefers a piece of jewelry that has some balanced weight to it.


Captive Bead Ring Septum Jewelry 

Captive Bead Rings are full circles, secured with one bead that closes said circle. While they cannot be flipped upwards into the nostrils, they have other benefits if you are not as concerned with hiding a piercing. Because these are a full circle closed with a screw-in bead, it is less likely to fall out of place. Of course, any style of facial jewelry is designed to remain secure, but accidents do happen. With a captive bead ring, your piercing will withstand high-impact activities, whether you are exercising or raving on that dance floor. If you are a minimalist in need of subtle daily jewelry, captive bead rings will do the trick.


Clicker Style Septum Jewelry 

At King’s, we also love clicker style septum rings for their convenience. Without any tiny studs or beads, these are much easier to insert and remove. Their u-shaped style is secured into place with a thin hinge that clicks in across the opening. While these cannot be hidden, they are very easy to pop in and out. If you have a fully-healed piercing, clickers make it easy to swap out various pieces of jewelry. Clickers are also a fantastic option for anyone who prefers for their jewelry to be comprised of one single piece, without any studs or screws. Clickers tend to be the most decorative and embellished style of septum jewelry.


Order Septum Jewelry Online 

There are many other types of septum jewelry and all can be found in our septum jewelry section. If your piercing is new, it is best to start off with simple and traditional styles. Take care of your fresh piercing before exploring intricate styles. It’s important to let your piercing heal, which can take anywhere from six weeks to a few months. We encourage you to consult your piercing technician with any questions you may have before switching up your jewelry. Different people have varying needs and preferences, and one of the best parts of having a septum piercing is that you have access to so many varieties. We hope that our brief rundown has helped you become a bit more familiar with the different styles available on KingsBodyJewelry.com. For more information, contact the experts at King’s Body Jewelry at 270-599-1001.

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