A Guide to Septum Piercing Jewelry

A Guide to Septum Piercing Jewelry

So you are considering piercing your septum? There is a lot more to consider than just the right piece of septum piercing jewelry. Today we’ll be taking you through the process of getting your septum pierced and filling you in on some common questions.

Septum Piercing

The septum piercing process is not that much different from any other piercing. The biggest factor to consider is the quality of the shop. The septum is in a tricky spot, so having a shop that’s experienced with septum piercings is crucial. The cartilage in the septum and its proximity to the nostrils can make the procedure tricky. Piercers will often have special tools for getting the piercing oriented properly.

Like any piercing, there will be some pain, though it seems to be extremely subjective. Some report experiencing almost no pain, while others find it pretty painful. No matter what your pain threshold is, it’s only a moment of pain and then you’ll have an awesome new piercing for the rest of your life.


Septum Piercing Healing

When it comes to healing, the process can be as subjective as the pain. While some individuals may be healed in as few as 6 weeks, for others it might take over 2 months. The most important thing to aid in healing is to leave your jewelry in and avoid moving it around as much as possible. Once the redness has subsided, there is no fluid leaking, and moving the piercing doesn’t cause pain, you should be ready for new jewelry.

Finding the Right Septum Jewelry

The best part of any piercing is the jewelry options, and there are plenty of exciting options to try out once you’re septum has healed. We’ll discuss a few of the most popular septum piercing jewelry options.

● Clickers – We love clickers because they are easy to put in and tend to be a pretty low fuss option. You simply open the hinge, insert the jewelry, and click it shut. Many clickers are just simple rings that look seamless. Septum clickers also offer a lot of gorgeous design options, and they really stand out compared to other styles

● Pinchers – Pinchers are a great option, especially for larger septum piercings or those who want to stretch their septum. Normally used as ear plugs, pinchers are crescent-shaped pieces of jewelry secured on each side with an o-ring. If you planning to use pinchers to stretch your septum piercing, remember that the key to successful stretching is patience. Never skip sizes or rush the process

● Tusks – A slightly more extreme option, these pieces will typically require some stretching. Most tusks are either a straight or curved piece of jewelry that spans across the nostrils. While this option isn’t for everyone, they certainly make an impact and are a clear display of one’s commitment to body modification.

● Rings – Rings come in several options for the septum. Captive bead rings feature a removable bead that is replaced after the ring is inserted, adding a nice bit of character to the jewelry that tends to hang down. Another popular ring style is the circular barbell, which has a gap and a bead or cone on each side of that gap. These rings are a fashionable option, and some can easily be hidden if the situation requires it.

Speaking of hiding your piercing, let’s talk about retainers. Sadly, many jobs that accept ear piercings and nose studs will still not allow visible septum piercing jewelry. For this reason, people with septum rings will often need to wear a retainer while they are working. Similar to a nose stud retainer, a septum retainer keeps the piercing full without being plainly visible. Most septum retainers will look similar to an unused staple. Simply insert the retainer and flip the ends back into the nose. Unless someone is looking directly up into your nose, they should not be able to tell that you have a septum piercing at all.


Septum Removal and  Septum Scarring

Luckily for those who change their minds, the septum piercing is extremely easy to remove and close if you decide you no longer wish to wear septum jewelry. The time it takes for your piercing to close will depend entirely on how long you have had your septum pierced and whether or not you have stretched it at all. Almost without fail, your piercing will close over time. Also, due to the location of septum piercings, you are extremely unlikely to have any easily visible scarring after closing your septum piercing.


Considering A Septum Piercing?

Like any piercing decision, the first step is to do your homework and make sure a septum piercing is something you want. Check out the jewelry styles you like and ask friends how they feel about their septum piercings. Once you’re committed, make sure you find a shop with septum piercing experience and don’t be afraid to ask your piercer any questions you might have. If your piercing is freshly healed or you’re just looking for a new look, check out our inventory of septum piercing jewelry for tons of options!

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