Affordable High Quality Pieces for All Ear Stretching Sizes

Ear stretching is a passion shared by veteran body modifiers and beginners alike, which is why at King’s Body Jewelry we carry pieces in a huge range of ear stretching sizes. Whether you’re completely new to the scene and looking for beginner 18 gauge tapers or you’ve been wearing plugs for years and are finally ready to move up to the epic 3 inch eyelets or weights, we’ve got the great quality pieces you’re looking for right here.

It’s our goal to help you stretch your ears without stretching your budget. That’s one of our founding principles, and we’ve stuck by it for over ten years. You’ll find hundreds of high quality, brand new and hand checked pieces in our store at prices you can actually afford. It’s not like going to your local piercing shop and only having a few overpriced options to choose from. At King’s you can find pretty much anything you want, from organic pieces made of wood or bone to the standard metal and acrylic styles you’ll see every day on the street. We also carry glass, stone, and silicone pieces, as well as some truly unique materials like our Amber Plugs (6 gauge – 1 inch) and our variety of shimmering bling pieces with beautiful jewel inlays. Most of our pieces are offered in a wide range of ear stretching sizes. If the size you need is ever unavailable, you can also email us at to get things sorted out.

In addition to selling individual pieces in a range of sizes to make them accessible to everyone, we also sell full sets of plugs, tunnels, and tapers for stretching your ears up to wider gauges. These stretching kits are designed to walk you up through the different ear stretching sizes without causing any damage. When you try to force a larger plug into a smaller gauge you can cause serious harm, but if you use a stretching kit you’ll be able to work your way up to those wider gauges safely and painlessly. Our stretcher kits are available in steel or acrylic materials and cover several styles. We offer sets that include tapers and tunnels or plugs, as well as sets that are one or the other. You’ll also find other designs, like our Pinchers Ear Stretching Kit (14 gauge – 00 gauge), which work like traditional tapers but curve to give a rounder look.

We offer full stretching kits to take your ears from an 18 or 14 gauge to a 00 gauge – remember that the lower the gauge number, the wider the stretch it will be – as well as stretching kits to take you beyond the standard gauges and into 1 & 1/2 inch to 2 inch stretching sizes. These kits come in pairs so that you can stretch both ears at the same time. If you’re only trying to go up one or two gauges, we also offer single sized stretching sets to get you where you want to be. Three piece sets like our Concave Taper & Plug Stretching Kit (14 gauge – 00 gauge) include one taper with which to insert your plugs, and a single pair of plugs of your chosen gauge to hold the stretch. Just as with our full kits, you can get these three piece kits in acrylic or steel, with a pair of plugs or tunnels to meet your aesthetic preference.

As with any body modification, ear stretching requires dedicated aftercare. You’ll find a full range of aftercare products on our site, including everything you’ll need to speed up your healing process after a new stretch. Our Ultimate Piercing & Stretching Aftercare Kit includes a 4 oz can of H20cean Piercing Aftercare Spray, 1 tin of Holey Butt’r, and a 1 oz bottle of Jojoba Oil to keep your piercing moisturized and clean. . If you find you run out of one of these products before the others, or if you fall in love with one of them, we also sell them individually in a variety of sizes. You may also want to try applying Surgilube, Ear Stretching Lubricant when you begin stretching your ears to make ease the process along. This lubricant works wonders with inserting double flared plugs, which can be tricky to get in on the first go due to their shape.

While you’re working on stretching your ears up to a new gauge, you can also experiment with your look by trying out our different styles of decorative plugs and tunnels. We have ear jewelry in any style you can imagine, from fun designs like superhero symbols to beautiful natural styles like amethyst plugs and tunnels. Because we keep our pieces so affordable you can stock up on several different styles to try out. And if you find a piece you’re absolutely in love with, our range of ear stretching sizes on most pieces will allow you to reorder it in the next gauge whenever you decide to stretch again.

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