Choosing the Best Body Modification Piercing For You

Choosing the Best Body Modification Piercing For You

If you’re reading this, congrats — you are taking the first step! When it comes to body modification and piercing choices, there is absolutely no “one size fits all”. The fact is, as the appeal and beauty of body modification continues to expand its reach around the world, options continue increasing to meet consumers’ demand and preferences. At King’s Body Jewelry, we understand and appreciate that every customer is a unique individual with their own personal style and flair. No need to compromise or settle – we truly have something to offer everyone. And we never compromise when it comes to the quality of our jewelry. No matter what body modification jewelry you select from us, we offer only top-quality products at affordable prices. Only your imagination can limit what you may choose in the world of body modification.

Of course, considering what type of body medication or piercing may be right for you is the first step! No matter the type of body medication you consider, we recommend considering a range of important factors. What is your lifestyle? Are you physically active? Do you have pets or young children that may grab onto or snag your piercing jewelry? Do you work in a setting that may require you to hide or remove your modification temporarily? Keep reading for some more important points to consider before taking the plunge and joining the exciting world of body modification piercing!

Where Do You Want Your Piercing?

First and foremost, it is important to carefully consider all modification piercing options and do your research. It is important to know of any risks and aftercare that will be required of you.

Ears Piercing :

There are so many options to consider in the ear area overall. Of course, a piercing to the earlobe may be the right choice for you if you are more traditional or have workplace concerns. But the great thing about a lobe piercing is that it can be gradually and safely stretched to accommodate various gauges and other modification jewelry. Other piercings in the ear area include modifications to the outer conch, inner conch, anti-tragus, tragus, and helix. These are cartilage piercings and usually require a bit more healing time and aftercare than an earlobe piercing. Some say cartilage piercings are more painful, yet that is relative depending on the individual. Jewelry for ear piercing or modification includes barbells, captives, tunnels, tapers, and others. If you’re looking for it, King’s Body Jewelry has it.

Nose Piercing :

Many people may adorn the nostril area of the nose with a hoop or stud. Yet, there are no limits to modification when it comes to the nose. Consider it the centerpiece of your face! Don’t be afraid to let your creativity and individual style run wild when it comes to the nose. Consider a septum piercings, rhino, austin, or nasallang piercings. Or, if you’re into something more daring or unusual, make a statement with a third-eye or bridge piercing. But no matter where you choose to pierce your nose area, King’s Body Jewelry has body jewelry for everyone!

Lips Piercing :

There are so many unique and beautiful ways to explore body modification for your lips. More specifically, a labret is a form of body piercing including any type of adornment or modification of the lip (labrum). Options include rings and barbells, studs, retainers, and plugs.

What Kind of Jewelry Material Do You Prefer?

King’s Body Jewelry carries only top-quality body modification products at affordable prices. So no matter the material you prefer to wear, we’ve got you covered. When choosing a piece for your piercing or other body modification, be sure to consider any metal or other contact allergies you may have. Then, consider your style and what complements your fashions or lifestyle. Above all, have fun with it and create a “wardrobe” of jewelry that you’ll enjoy.

We carry jewelry made from:

  • Stainless steel
  • Buffalo horn and bone
  • Titanium
  • Natural stones
  • Pyrex Glass
  • Acrylic
  • Wood

We also offer nearly every size of jewelry from 0.75mm to over 3inches. If you’re excited to get started, yet aren’t sure what might be right for you, contact us! We are devoted to helping people express themselves through body modifications and piercings. Above all, at King’s Body Jewelry, we value any opportunity to provide top-shelf support to all our loyal customers.

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