How to Change Microdermal Jewelry Tops

 Misconceptions About Microdermal Piercings

Microdermal piercings are unusual piercings. Piercings commonly go through one part of the skin and out the other to create a hole on both sides. Instead, a microdermal piercing is anchored into the skin using only one hole.

A common misconception about microdermal jewelry is that it requires surgery to remove. This is only try of the anchor that is lodged into the skin. The microdermal jewelry tops can be removed by yourself so you can change out the jewelry to different colors and styles. If you are changing the top for the first time, you should go to the piercer who set up the anchor and the first top. It will make changing it yourself later much easier to do.

You can get a great variety of microdermal jewelry tops from King’s Body Jewelry that will allow you to show off your style in different ways with new designs and colors available for you. The jewelry available at King’s Body Jewelry is affordable and made with quality so it will last you a long time and so you can constantly change your jewelry to reflect how you are feeling that day.


How You Can Remove The Microdermal Tops At Home


Today, we will explain how you can remove the microdermal tops at home so you can constantly be changing your style with a variety of tops that go with different clothing or just reflect a different personality.

To start, you want to have the tools you may need to make this process easier is the place to start. The anchor can move about fairly easily within your skin, so you want to be careful when you complete this process.

Some of the tools you should have are as follows:

Sterile Pliers:

You can use either flat nose or needle nose pliers in the event that the existing top is screwed on too tight to remove with your hands. Obviously, you want the tops to be safely secured to the anchor and sometimes that can be too tight to remove without the use of tools.

Anchor Holder:

The anchor can easily move around as you are trying to remove the existing top. There is a tool specifically designed to hold the anchor steady so you can unscrew the top and remove it to replace it with a new one.


Some of the microdermal jewelry tops are 3mm or smaller and it can be difficult to grip. Having forceps available can help you to get a grip on the tops to make removal that much easier to complete.

Rubber Gloves:

Similar to forceps, you can use rubber gloves to go over your fingers to help you get a better grip on the tops. This will make it much easier to complete the removal yourself, especially if some of the above tools are not immediately available to you.

Saline Solution:

When you remove jewelry tops, you want to keep them clean. The best time to clean your jewelry is after removal so they can dry before your next use. To clean your jewelry properly, use a saline solution or other jewelry cleaning product.


Changing of the Jewelry Tops

Now that you know the tools that you need to assist in changing the jewelry, here are some of the steps to actually completing the changing of the jewelry tops.

You first want to unscrew the top by getting a good grip on it and turning to the left. It’s important to remember that if it does not move, do not try to force it to move. Instead, let it sit for a while and place a damp cloth over it before trying again. If you need to, use the pliers or forceps if it will not move using your hands. You can ask a friend to assist in unscrewing the top. If you are still experiencing difficulty after asking for help, go to your piercer.

When you have the top removed, use a mirror to line up the replacement top with the hole of the anchor and start to turn the jewelry to the right. It should feel natural going into the anchor, so if you run into a point where the top will no longer turn any further, do not force it any further. If there was any misalignment that prevented the top from moving any further, you may need to unscrew and start again.


With these tips, you are able to complete the changing of this jewelry on your own and start having some fun with the new microdermal jewelry tops you can get when you shop at King’s Body Jewelry.

Start trying new jewelry styles and colors and making the changes to your microdermal jewelry yourself to allow you to experiment and try new things constantly. Start shopping today and expand on your jewelry collection with King’s Body Jewelry.

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