King’s Body Jewelry’s Best Stretcher Earrings and Kits

Body modification is one of the most personal ways to express yourself and your identity. That’s why we at King’s Body Jewelry pride ourselves on keeping a wide range of stretching kits to help anyone who wants to take matters into their own hands. With any of our high quality, inexpensive stretcher earrings you’ll be able to take your piercings from standard size to any gauge you like, with just one simple purchase. Choose from different styles, materials, and colors to customize your look, all offered at a price that simply can’t be beat.

We carry stretcher earrings in all styles so you can find the perfect match for your aesthetic while working toward that dream gauge.

If you’re looking for the classic plug look, you’ll want our Single Flare Plugs Full Ear Stretching Kit (14 gauge – 0 gauge). This kit includes eight pairs of stainless steel plugs, meaning that when you order this kit, you’ll have all the plugs you need to take your ears from 14 gauge to 0 gauge, with a pair of plugs for every gauge in between. That makes this set the only kit you’ll need to reach any of the classic gauge sizes. Each of the plugs are about 1/2” long and sure to fit in almost any piercing, and they all come with O-rings on the back to hold them in place once they’re put in.

For body modifiers who prefer the see-through effect, we also carry sets of stretcher tunnels. Much like the Single Flare Plugs Full Ear Stretching Kit (14 gauge – 0 gauge), our Single Flare Tunnels Ear Stretching Kit (14 gauge – 0 gauge) is a full set of eight pairs of stainless steel hollow tunnels. The kit is equipped with every gauge size from 14 gauge down to 0 gauge, and each tunnel is secured with its own O-ring.

We also carry combination kits that feature a full set of either plugs or tunnels and a full set of taper stretcher earrings. Sets like the Full Tapers & Plugs Kit (14 gauge – 0 gauge) feature a full set of eight pairs of plugs, one pair in each gauge size from 14 gauge to 0 gauge, as well as eight single tapers in corresponding sizes. The stainless steel tapers are used to slowly stretch your ears, eliminating most of the pain of inserting too large plugs into smaller gauge piercings in order to stretch them.

If your end goal is a smaller sized gauge, we also sell single gauge stretching sets, like our Tunnels & Acrylic Taper Kit (14 gauge – 1 inch), which includes one taper and one pair of matching sized tunnels, all in whichever gauge size you choose, from 14 gauge to 1 inch. This set is perfect if you are only looking to go up a couple gauge sizes and don’t want to pay for the extra pieces of a full kit, or if you’ve already stretched your ears to some extent and are looking for a few pieces to finish the job.

Knowing the importance of variety and a wide range of options, King’s Body Jewelry also sells pincher style stretcher earrings. Pinchers are similar to tapers, in that they gradually grow larger, but rather than a single straight line, pinchers are crescent shaped, with the widest parts in the center of the arc. You can buy pincher kits with similar ranges as the plug and tunnel kits mentioned above, like our Pinchers Ear Stretching Kit (14 gauge – 00 gauge), which contains nine pairs of pinchers in every size from 14 gauge to 00 gauge.

And for customers who are hoping for more than standard sizes, we offer a variety of even larger stretching kits. Use our Tunnels Ear Stretching Kit (0 gauge – 1 inch) to take your piercings from a 0 gauge all the way up to a full 1 inch (25mm), cycling through another nine pairs of stainless steel tunnels. Then, if that isn’t enough, try our SUPER Stretching Kit (1 & 1/8 inch – 1 & 1/2 inch) to stretch your piercings as far as 1 & 1/2 in (38mm)! This set includes four pairs of stainless steel tunnels in 1 & 1/8 in (29mm), 1 & 1/4 in (32mm), 1 & 3/8 in (35mm), and 1 & 1/2 in (38mm) sizes.

Of course, all of that stretching is going to have an effect on your ears’ health, so don’t forget to add the Ultimate Piercing & Stretching Aftercare Kit to your purchase. This set of 3 healing products will speed up the healing process as well as protect you from any bacteria or dehydration damage. The products help keep your piercings clean while reducing scar tissue and moisturizing and strengthening the skin.

Once you’ve reached your ideal gauge size, browse through our collection of plugs and tunnels to find the perfect high quality jewelry pieces to celebrate your stretched piercings and express yourself to the world.

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