New Body Piercing Trends for 2023

New Body Piercing Trends for 2023

Here at King’s Body Jewelry, we have a strong understanding of what piercings trends are in and out throughout the years. 

It’s a new year, which means you will be seeing plenty of new looks on the street and across social media. 

Whatever body piercing trends you choose to follow, know that we will have just the right body jewelry for you at King’s Body Jewelry. Safe and affordable, our products are perfect for a wide variety of expressions. 

To get ahead of the curve, consider some of these body piercing trends. 

Lip Piercings

Lip and labrum jewelry were big in the 2000s. More and more recently, we have been seeing a revival of this style. 

For anyone who is looking to get deeper into body modification beyond the ears, the lip piercing can be a great start. 

Multiple Holes

You have probably been seeing pictures of people with more than one piercing on an ear. Expect to see much more pictures of this in the upcoming year. 

There is a certain creativity and opportunity for expression inherent in piercing multiple holes into your ear. Especially now that more wild mix-and-match styles of jewelry is coming into style. 

Industrial Ear Piercings

Bring back the edgy ‘90s look with industrial piercings. 

In a nutshell, industrial piercings feature two cartilage holes connected by a barbell body jewelry piece. Typically, it is placed on the upper ear. 


This refers to a kind of piercing style that features two piercings close together. So, much like a snakebite. Typically, this is done on the ear. 

Fit anything you wish here. Hanging jewelry looks especially bold when paired by the snakebite piercings. 

Vampire’s Kiss 

Here’s another two-pierces idea that will appeal to horror fans. 

This is like a snakebite piercing, but done on the neck. Hardcore, yes, but so are vampires. 

This piercing style gets its name from its resemblance to a vampire bite. 

Microdermal pieces, which can go virtually anywhere on the surface of the body, can do the trick here. 

Asymmetrical Jewelry 

This trend refers to having a contrast between the ears. 

If a symmetrical body modification is using matching jewelry on each ear, the point of the asymmetrical trend is to subvert the symmetrical expectation. 

So, a larger hanging piece on one ear and a stud on the other can make for a standout piercing. 

Septum Piercings

Some readers may be wondering why this is even on the list, because septum piercings are pretty much already dominant in the body modification community. 

However, it gets an honorable mention because the trend is only rising. 

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