Our Guide on How to Stretch or Gauge Your Ears

Our Guide on How to Stretch or Gauge Your Ears

Here at Kings Body Jewelry, we sell a wide variety of body modifications that are fit for an equally wide variety of customers. Some of our customers can only stand a thin pin going through their ear lobe, while others spring for a septum piercing (i.e., a piercing between the nostrils.)

For those customers willing to take things further in their body mod journey, we are happy to help them with all of their jewelry and stretching needs—just take a look at our large selection of stretching kits available to you.

These kits include your choice of talons, tapers, plugs, single flare earlets, and more, with the option for choosing the sizes that are right for you.

However, once you order these kits, there is still much work to be done, which we will cover below.

DIY Stretching and Gauging is Not an Easy Task

Stretching an ear or even gauging it can be a significant undertaking, and one that we are happy to assist in through providing our popular, high-quality, and affordable kits.

Though we are happy to offer advice to any prospective customers, we understand that it may not be until you have gotten home, or have already ordered and are waiting for delivery of a stretching kit, when you come to realize that you may not be completely confident when it comes to, you know, putting that stretching or gauging kit to use.

It takes finesse and patience and focus in order to pull off a DIY stretching or gauging, and you likely have many questions about this process, so read on for our answers to common gauging or stretching questions.

What size do you stretch to first?

Start small, and work your way up. No matter your piercing experience, we recommend that you should first stretch to 16 gauges (or, 3/64 inches).

How long does it take for stretched ears to close?

It depends, but you could expect on average a 2 month period for closing, perhaps closer to 3 depending on the size.

Does ear stretching hurt?

Some discomfort, perhaps a tingle or stinging sensation, is to be expected, but any serious pain can be a sign that you are trying to stretch too much, too soon.

What gauge should you start stretching with?

If you have only pierced your ears before and worn regular earrings, then we recommend that you go with either a 14 or 16 gauge. If you have never even worn regular earrings before, then you should stick to a 16 gauge.

How far can you stretch without permanent holes?

For most people, the 2-0 gauge range is where they ought to stop if they want to have their ears close up in the future.

How long do I wait between stretches?

At least one month is the official recommendation of many professionals. It is certainly beneficial to wait even longer, not just to prevent any possible long-term damage but also because it makes your ears look better overall.

Tapers or the taping method?

Generally, thetaping methodis best for those who are stretching at larger sizes, around a 0 gauge, and is favored by most people stretching over 1 inch. What you do is take your current plugs, wrap the tape around them a couple or three times, then insert them. What happens then is that you get a size increase without the more involved healing process of tapers. The downside is that the taping method takes longer than tapers.

Tapers are better for beginners, and involves taking a steel or acrylic piece with a small side and a big side. The taper is inserted, small-side first, into your piercing, and pulled out to stretch the piercing’s size. As mentioned above, it is recommended that you take time to heal when it comes to using tapers.

Start Your Stretching Journey Today!

We have all of the affordable tools needed for a good DIY stretching, so be sure to check outour website to custom-order your stretching kit today!

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