Piercings That Look Great on Any Guy

Piercings That Look Great on Any Guy

Here at King’s Body Jewelry, we understand that there is a wide variety of options available for anyone looking to go on a personal body modification journey.

Many people outside of the body mod community focus less on the styles of jewelry than where the jewelry is placed, such as the nose or ears, but anyone who is serious about body jewelry understands that the style of jewelry matters just as much as the placement.

For one thing, the style of body jewelry is often linked to the body part that the jewelry is placed, so a nose ring is not just an earring that is put on the nose, but a piece of jewelry specially designed to be fit onto a nose.

The sheer number of options for body jewelry means that every person who checks out our offerings will be sure to find what they are looking for, as we have a wide range of sizes and styles to offer customers.

Stone Plugs

Sometimes also called stone gauges, stone plugs owe their popularity in the body mod community to a number of factors.

For one, they are often some of the most beautiful and creatively-designed body jewelry. Our collection offers turquoise, tiger’s eye, amber, rose quartz, and more colors for you to choose from, giving you many options for expression.

Just take a look at our stunning Labradorite stone plugs for an example of this style’s beauty.

There is much potential for personal expression here as well, with one such option being our coffin-shaped stone plugs.

In addition to the look of stone plugs, they are also popular for restoring energy imbalances and offering healing properties, so wearing stone plugs, for some, offers therapeutic benefits that go beyond style and expression.

Nose Rings

For many, a nose ring is the ultimate form of body jewelry, as it is displayed front and center in the face (depending on the structure of the face, at least).

What is nice about nose rings is that there are many different levels to them. You can go small and subtle or big and loud. Whatever you wish to express with a nose ring, you are sure to find it in the size and color you want.

Septum Rings

septum ring is like the older, bolder sibling of a nose ring.

You know that part of your nose between the nostrils? That is the septum, which is where the piercing and jewelry goes through for a septum ring.

Also, it should be noted that nose rings can be easily concealed when you have a septum retainer, so if you are going to be in company that disapproves of body jewelry that is anywhere but the ear, then you can find an easy solution through a retainer.

Cartilage Jewelry

Cartilage jewelry is the “additional” earrings that you see on the side of the ear, above the earlobe where you could expect to find a traditional ear piercing.

For those looking to add some more style to their ears, cartilage jewelry is the perfect solution.

Some of the more popular items for cartilage piercing at King’s Body Jewelry are our microdermal jewelry, which can be placed basically anywhere on the surface of your body.

Stretch Kits

A body mod journey is called a “journey” because you often do not stop at the first piercing, but continually experiment to find the style that suits you best.

For many, a stretch kit offers them the tools they need for going further down that journey.

A stretch kit allows you to increase the size of an existing piercing, so that you can fit in larger and larger pieces of body jewelry to your liking.

All of the stretch kits, and similar accessories, offered by King’s Body Jewelry are safe and will not cause lasting damage, provided you use them responsibly (find out how in our guide here).

King’s Body Jewelry Offers All This, and More

If you are looking for any of these popular styles of body jewelry, or other kinds such as navel or tongue jewelry, look no further than King’s Body Jewelry, where you can order our products directly from our website!

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