Take Care of Yourself by Taking Care of Your Piercing

Take Care of Yourself by Taking Care of Your Piercing

Piercings can be an exciting thing to have. However, a piercing comes with a few caveats, one of which is that you need to keep your piercing clean and hygienic so that you can continue to look as you wish. Keep reading if you want an overview of how to take care of your piercing.

How to take care of your piercing:

First, it’s recommended that you invest in a cleaning solution to keep handy. Sterile saline (with no additives) or a sea salt solution mixture are both good choices.

Caring for a fresh piercing:

If a piercing is fresh, then you may need to saline rinse when necessary as it heals. Your piercer may recommend you use soap for rinsing as it heals. Be sure to use the right kind of soap (don’t use anything harsh, or with fragrances) to lather around the piercing. Rinse afterwards to get rid of any lingering saline or soap residue, then dry. Twice-a-day cleanings are encouraged.

A good general rule is that you should always wash your hands before touching your piercing, but especially when you are about to clean it.

If you’re a first-time piercer, don’t be alarmed by any bleeding, bruising, or even swelling that may occur soon after the piercing. There is also likely to be discoloration and discharges of whitish-yellow fluid around the piercing. If you do not clean properly, then you can expect worse discoloration and some pretty funky smells coming from and around your piercing. Don’t pick away any crust or secretion around your piercing with your fingers. Remember to keep healthy habits, too, so that the healing process is made easier.

What to know about the piercing healing process:

The healing process always takes longer than it appears, so be sure to keep cleaning even when your piercing looks fully healed. The piercing wound will also be better if a needle is used instead of a piercing gun. A needle is more sterile, and accomplishes the task with greater accuracy.

Be sure to clean your clothes and sheets on a consistent basis, and to avoid any situations where your piercing may be unnecessarily exposed to a lot of bacteria. Stay away from unsanitary waters, or dirty clothes/blankets where your piercing may be at risk for infection. If you have an ear/facial piercing, put a clean t-shirt on your pillow at night, and use all four sides of the shirt throughout the night so that you are always sleeping on a new, clean surface.

We hope those new to the body mod community got something out of this blog, and that those who aren’t may have learned a thing or two here–hygienic care of your piercings is no joke, so it is always great to refresh yourself on the essentials. Happy piercing!

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