The Beauty and Benefits of Wood Plugs (AKA Wood Gauges)

Once you’ve entered into the world of body jewelry, you soon realize there is a wealth of options available to you. Many people believe themselves to be limited to acrylic and steel plugs, based on the limited pieces they find in their local jewelry stores. But here at King’s Body Jewelry, you can find a wide variety of plugs in all kinds of materials, from the standard metal and acrylic to handcrafted organics, such as bone and wood gauges. We carry nearly as many wood plugs as we do acrylics, ranging in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional plug style to gorgeous carved pieces that will immediately draw the eye and earn you thousands of compliments every time you wear them.

At King’s Body Jewelry we offer over 150 different wood plugs, also referred to as wood gauges, which are loved both for their wide range of style and for their porous nature. Wooden pieces are known to reduce “ear funk”, making it easier to keep your ears and your plugs sanitary and in good health. Many people also prefer the more natural aesthetic of organic plugs, which is part of why you’ll find many plant and animal motifs amidst our collection. Take for example the Ebony Wood Flower Plugs (7/16 inch – 43 mm), a pair of dark ebony wood plugs with a large, beautiful, painstakingly detailed hand carved flower on each double flared plug. These plugs were made specifically for King’s Body Jewelry, making them a highly exclusive set you’ll want to brag about.

You’ll find a huge variety of styles in our wood plug selection, from the more traditional round shaped plugs like our laser engraved plugs, which feature great image prints on circular pieces, to far more unique pieces that branch out of the classic circle shape, or break it all together. We have fully carved plugs such as our Elephant Plugs (0 gauge – 1 inch), which feature a comfortable 3/8” circular wearable area with a 3D saba wood carved elephant on the end that seems to come right out of your earlobe, defying the classic circular motifs of traditional plugs. Or you can go even more extreme with wood gauges like the Dolphin Wood Plugs (3/4 inch – 2 inch). These pieces are built a bit like tunnels, featuring a 3/8” circular wearable area that serves as a rim to the beautiful hand carved saba wood dolphin that dives through the ring. Wearing these wood plugs is like wearing tiny artistic figurines in your ears, allowing you to carry around a pair of little friends every where you go. The delicate artistry and happy faces of the beautiful dolphins is sure to bring a smile to anyone who sees them, and probably a small gasp of awe once they’ve gotten a closer look!

Our wood plug collection also includes entirely noncircular designs, such as the pale Crocodile Wood Triangle Tunnels (9/16 – 7/8 inch) that are as easy to wear as any circular plug, but which will give your ears a new and far more unique look than when you wear standard styles. We also have more dramatic shapes, like large teardrop shaped plugs, and even our dark Coffin Wood Plugs R.I.P. (0 gauge – 2 inch). Perfect for a more gothic look, these casket shaped double flared plugs are made out of a stunning polished raintree hardwood, and built to make a bold statement whenever they’re worn.

If you’re a fan of the larger than life style, but want something a little more versatile, we also offer a range of flower plugs whose sculptures are actually larger than their gauge. Many of our wood plugs feature a display area that’s the same size or smaller than the gauge you wear them at, but in the case of wood plugs like the Blooming Lotus Flower Plugs (2 gauge – 1 inch) or the Chrysanthemum Flower Plugs (2 gauge – 1 inch), the hand carved flowers of these plugs are larger than the gauge of the wearable area, creating the impression that these flowers are truly growing out of your piercing. You can either choose a fully carved flower design, such as that of the Chrysanthemum Flower Plugs (2 gauge – 1 inch), and have a full flower blooming from your ear, or you can choose one of our tunnel designs as in the case of the Blooming Lotus Flower Plugs (2 gauge – 1 inch) and get the effect of petals curling up and out of your piercing, while the center of the flower remains hollow.

Regardless of your style preference, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of wood gauges for you amidst our huge selection. Choose from several different woods, like ebonycrocodile, saba, coconut, and more, or even go for a mixed wood or a bone and wood hybrid piece like our Bone & Coconut Mixed Wood Plugs (5/8 inch). Remember to take good care of your organic pieces, as they are fragile, and because they are handmade, no two pairs are exactly alike. Browse our collection today and find the truly unique wood plugs you’ve been seeking!

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