Things to Know Before You Go Get A Body Piercing

Getting a piercing is always an exciting experience. Here at King’s Body Jewelry, we help out customers at all points along their body modification journey. 

No matter how many piercings you get, you will probably always remember the first piercing you ever got. 

However, even people on their seventeenth piercing may have some things to consider before going to get a piercing. 

If you are thinking of getting a piercing, whether it is your first or fifteenth, then read on for some advice or just a refresher for what you should know before getting a piercing. 

Eat Before the Piercing

There is a scientific reason behind this: Keeping your blood sugar at a good level can help prevent any dizziness, which would happen from low blood sugar. 

Be of Age to Get the Piercing

Many states disallow anyone under 18 to get a body piercing. 

Of course, some states allow you to get piercings if you have an of-age guardian present. 

But it is important to realize this rule, because you should be wary of any business that will pierce someone under 18 who does not have a guardian with them. This brings us to our next bit of advice. 

Check the Sterility of All the Tools

Ask the professional piercing you about the process for sterilizing the tools. Ideally, you call ahead and ask about the process as a screening method for choosing where to get your piercing. 

The Easy and Fast Way Is Not the Best Way

A somewhat popular method for piercing is getting the piercing-gun piercing. 

But this has plenty of issues. 

For one, piercing guns at get-pierced-fast places are not as well-sterilized as traditional piercing materials. 

The risk of a piercing gun is getting an infection. 

Instead, just do it the old-fashioned way: With a sterilized needle. 

Pain, Bleeding, and Irritation Are All Normal

No pain, no gain is the motto for many in the body modification community. 

Depending on the place you are getting pierced, there is going to be some pain involved. However, the spot you are piercing can determine the level of pain involved. 

Bleeding, of course, is to be expected. 

Discomfort may last for weeks. You may even experience discolored skin and white or yellow pus. There is also itching as well. 

However, know the difference between irritation and infection. If something feels wrong, then don’t hesitate to get help. 

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