Tips for Buying Body Jewelry Online

Tips for Buying Body Jewelry Online

Tips for Buying Body Jewelry Online

We have been in the business of selling body jewelry online for quite some years now, but have also been on the other end as consumers, and so we have gained a lot of experience in knowing the do’s and don’ts of buying your jewelry online.

Buying body jewelry online is not like buying, say, a book on Amazon. As anyone who uses body jewelry knows, it is not always easy to choose the right piece, one reason being that you may be unsure whether it will fit or not.

What this blog will do is offer you a rundown of how to make the most of your online shopping experience in your body modification journey, and offer better tips for getting the piece that is the right fit, physically and stylistically, for you.

Check the Sizing

Always, always, always make sure the product you are ordering is in the size that you need.

Too often, users click “buy”, without checking (or double-checking) the size they ordered. When the piece arrives, they cannot wear it.

Make sure to make the appropriate measurements before creating your order.

Checking the thickness of the gauge and the diameter of rings are essential for ensuring that the body jewelry you buy will not cause any painful tearing in your piercing.

If you are somewhat new to body modification, realize that, in the case of pieces such as gauges, you may upgrade sizes if you wish to stretch your ears, so some people do like to order ahead and get the sizes that they plan on wearing later, when they stretch their ears.

Make Sure You are Ordering the Right Color and Material

Our photographs accurately represent our products, but it is always a good idea to spend some time Googling the item, with the correct color, that you are interested in buying. Seeing other people wearing pieces similar to the item you are looking for can confirm for you whether the product is what you are really looking for, or if something else may be better for your self-expression.

Do Not Misuse Jewelry Specially Made for a Certain Body Part

Think that earring would look great on your lips?

It might, but your lips may not think so.

A common issue in the body modification community is misusing body jewelry, so that people end up wearing jewelry that their body may ultimately reject.

When a piece of jewelry is designed to be worn on a certain body part, it is not just for aesthetic reasons. The tissue in your ear is of a different strength than the tissue in, say, your nose, so putting an earring in your nose piercing could result in unwanted irritation, tearing, and even infection.

Become Familiar with a Site’s Return Policy

At King’s Body Jewelry, our return policy allows for returns of unopened orders up to three days after delivery.

Opened packages cannot be returned, which is a commonality across most body jewelry sites. This is mostly for health and safety reasons. This is why we stress the importance of paying attention to measurements and knowing what colors you want.

Have more questions about ordering from King’s Body Jewelry? Reach out to us with any more questions, or check out our FAQ!

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