What is a Body Piercing Taper?

Anyone who is interested in gauges will surely come across a body modification tool called a “taper”.

Tapers are used to upgrade piercing sizes, whether it is for your septum piercing or one of our labrets.

Tapers are considered an essential tool for many in the body modification community, as they allow people to continually extend the limits of what they can fit in their piercings.

Tapers for Ear Stretching

A taper is used to “stretch” your piercing to a larger size.

In most cases, people use tapers to stretch their ears, meaning it makes the hole in your ears larger in order to allow for bigger piercings to go in.

How large you want your piercing to be is up to you.

If you are planning on going through many sizes of plugs, then you ought to check out our Full Tapers & Plugs Kit, which ranges in taper and plug sizes fit for 0-gauge to 14-gauge piercings.

We also offer individual tapers in case you have a more specialized personal plan.

If you want to choose your own plugs, you can check out our concave steel tapers kit, which range from 00 gauge to 1 inch. For smaller tapers, get our 18 gauge to 10 gauge kit. Or, if you are planning on a longer body mod journey, get the full kit ranging from 18 gauge to 00 gauge.

We have all manner of taper kits and the like on our website, so check out our tapers page to find the taper, individual or kit, that is right for you!

Taper Materials

Tapers tend to resemble hollow tubes, but there are subtleties in the design of them that ensure greater effectiveness.

It is not just the design that makes tapers effective, but the materials the taper is made of as well.

At King’s Body Jewelry, we believe that stainless steel is the best taper material, both because it is hypoallergenic (meaning it is unlikely to provoke an allergic reaction) and affordable.

We understand that our customers want products that are both safe and cost-effective, which is why we choose 316L stainless steel for our tapers. They are also easy to clean.

This material is corrosion-resistant, so our tapers will last longer while staying safe to use.

We also offer acrylic tapers, which are safe and more affordable than steel, making it the material of choice for many of our customers who are looking to stretch their ears many times.

Learn How to Stretch Your Ears With Tapers

With the property safety procedures, you can stretch your ears with one of our DIY-friendly taper kits from your own home.

However, just because you can do it at home does not mean it is easy.

You will need to clean the taper first, then insert the taper small side first into your piercing hole, then pull it all the way through to increase the piercing size.

It is recommended that you wait at least one month between stretches, and that you gradually stretch—meaning, you do not jump from a 14-gauge stretch to a 2-gauge stretch. Start small, and work your way up.

For our in-depth guide for stretching your ears,check out our blog here.

King’s Body Jewelry Offers Tapers, Stretching Kits, and More!

If you are looking for a stretching kit, taper, or any popular styles of body jewelry, look no further than King’s Body Jewelry, where you can order our products, such asnavel or tongue jewelry, directly from our website!

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