What is a Septum Piercing?

What is a Septum Piercing?

Though the ears are where most people start, and stop, for getting piercings, the nose is most certainly at or near the top of the list for people who wish to continue their body mod journey.

Not every nose piercing is the same, and there is a special class called the septum piercing that we will focus on in this blog.

For starters, your septum is the sort of in-between wall (made of cartilage) that separates one nostril from the other. Your septum separates them.

So, a septum piercing goes through that wall.

Do septum piercings hurt? How badly do septum piercings hurt?

Yes, they hurt.

As far as piercing pain goes, septum piercings lie somewhere between the low-pain ear piercing and more intense genital or nipple piercing. Expect to tear up, but more because that’s the body’s natural response to pain.

Generally, a septum piercing can be pretty painful, but it is a short-lived pain. Most people with pierced ears understand that, when it comes to body mods, the old adage fits well: No pain, no gain.

How Are Septum Piercings Done?

It is a fairly smooth process, though, as mentioned, not painless.

After cleaning your septum to lower any risk of infection, the professional will place a small clamp on your septum.

After that, a cannula–a needle in plastic covering–is inserted in the septum. Once that has passed through, your piece of jewelry will be inserted.

How much do septum piercings cost?

Don’t skimp on piercings. A quality septum piercing should run you $40 to $100.

How do I care for a new septum piercing?

Though the pain does not last long, the healing does. You could expect to spend about four to six months, those months free of unnecessary touching and replete with twice-daily saline soaks.

How do I change my septum piercing?

Make sure it is well-healed first, because then it will be loose enough for an easy change. We mentioned that 4-6 months is the typical timespan for full healing, but a piercing should be well-healed enough about eight weeks in if you are really wishing for a change.

Wash your hands before touching anything. Clean the jewelry and septum area with a disinfection solution, then dry that.

Grab the sides of the piercing at their centers, then carefully twist the end sideways until it slides out.

How do you stretch septum piercings?

Cartilage is denser than earlobe tissue, so do not assume that the process is the exact same as ear piercing stretching.

We primarily recommend seeing a professional, but there are alternative methods that you can do safely.

For self-stretching, you will need a taper.

Lubricate the taper, then press it against the jewelry that you intend to insert. Tapers get gradually larger from end to end, so slowly push it through the piercing from the small end to the big end, finishing when the jewelry is through the nose.

Be sure to wait a number of months, preferably around six, before going for another stretch!

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