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Funk Off, Ear Deodorant

Funk Off, Ear Deodorant

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“Funk-Off™ Piercing Deodorant is an all natural product that gets applied to piercings to control the development of bacteria that causes infection and specifically, foul odors.

It comes in a 1/4oz. measurement container, small enough to keep in your pocket or purse.

Apply daily and you will have no more “cheesy” or “rotten” smell from your piercings!

The base compound ingredients of Funk-Off™ Piercing Deodorant: Castor seed oil, Hemp seed oil, Olive oil, Shea butter, Meadowfoam seed oil, Lemon Oil, Melaleuca Oil, Clove Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, all combined with natural lipids and waxes.

Application is quick and easy.

1. Remove your jewelry.

2. Work the Funk-Off™ into a lather with your finger by rubbing the product in the container in a circular motion with a bit of pressure. This will create a warm friction that will liquify some of the product.

3. Rub your piercing liberally with Funk-Off™, making sure to get inside your piercing and all around it and continue to massage until the product is absorbed.

4. Wipe excess from your finger and from your piercing on to a tissue or cloth.

5. Use the tissue and cloth with the excess Funk-Off™ to wipe and clean your jewellery.

6. Re-insert your jewellery.

7. Enjoy a “funk-free” day!”

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