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Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass Conical Flat Plugs (0 gauge - 12 mm)

Gorilla Glass Conical Flat Plugs (0 gauge - 12 mm)

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ONE PAIR of GORILLA GLASS red double flare conical plugs.

These plugs were designed for wearing in your flats (upper cartilage), they are super thin and have extra tiny flares so they are easy to insert in cartilage, but won't pop out easily.

They also can be worn in very thin lobes.

Gorilla Glass is a top of the line glass manufacturer that has a reputation for high quality and perfection in all of their pieces.

These plugs can be autoclaved and sterilized.

Wearable area is about 1/4"

Additional Info: Glass is a hand made material so it can slightly vary in size, color, and shape. All of our glass pieces are guaranteed to be within 1mm of the stated size. If you need an exact measurement or better description of the item, feel free to email us before ordering. Glass is also a fragile material and can break if dropped or not handled correctly.

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