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Plug Primer, Piercing & Stretching Aftercare

Plug Primer, Piercing & Stretching Aftercare

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Plug Primer

A powerful plant potion for plug priming perfection.

Day to day aftercare for all possible piercings. It is made by harvesting Usnea lichen and plantain leaf in the forest and fields of NE Washington state. These herbs are infused in an olive oil and beeswax base imparting anti-bacterial and skin conditioning protection. The final addition of Oakmoss absolute and Cedarwood essential oils impart an intriguingly fresh natural scent.

Instructions: Daily care for the health of your pierced body. Apply to skin before fitting jewelry for flexible, anti-bacterial protection.

Ingredients: Olive Oil Infused with Usnea Lichen & Plantain Leaf, Local Beeswax, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Oakmoss Absolute. (1/4 oz. tub)
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