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Pregnancy Navel Retainer PTFE Barbell

Pregnancy Navel Retainer PTFE Barbell

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SINGLE PTFE pregnancy navel retainer.

It is flexible so as your belly grows, the barbell flexes so you don't lose your navel piercing.

PTFE, polytetrafluoroethylene, is flexible, Nickel free wire.

It can be sterilized with autoclave.

It is hospital grade, non toxic, allergy free material.

PTFE is totally flexible, may cut to any desired length with a blade or scissor.

It is also self threading with any balls, spikes, or any other parts.

Just screw on to the PTFE wire, and make a treading which will hold very firmly.

These are sold in singles. If you need a pair for this item, update the quantity to "2".

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