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Turquoise Stone Tunnels (6 gauge - 2 inch)

Turquoise Stone Tunnels (6 gauge - 2 inch)

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ONE PAIR of turquoise stone double flared tunnels. Turquoise is a teal toned color with black lines and variations throughout the stone. These plugs are absolutely gorgeous and are polished to a smooth finish. One side is concave and the other side is convex so it's like 2 pairs of plugs in one.

Additional Info: Stone items are all hand made so they may slightly vary in size, color, and shape. All of our stones are guaranteed to be within 1mm of the stated size. If you need an exact measurement or better description of the item, feel free to email us before ordering. Stones are also a fragile material and can break if dropped or not handled correctly.

Wearable area for sizes 8g - 1 inch is 3/8 inch.

Wearable area for all sizes over 1 inch is 5/8 inch.

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